"Enhancing Rural and Urban Digital Innovation Territories", project funded under the Interreg Europe programme

Mis à jour le 02/02/2022

ERUDITE partnership


  1. To codesign new digital services through the involvement of citizens and public administrations, following the arrival of optical fibre in rural territories
  2. Analyse the impact of Covid-19 on digital service use and development and implement new measures to create more resilient and appropriate services

The ERUDITE project consists of the following actions:

  1. Animating a network of European experts in the fields of innovation and the design of new services, using open innovation processes supported by economic and social return on investment analyses

  2. Providing answers in the face of the period 19 health crisis through the exchange of experiences between partner countries undertaking measures to adapt and implement the good practices.

  3. Influencing the design and implementation of regional and local policies with the support of European stakeholder organisations and institutions

  4. Facilitating digital inclusion and access to services through the creation of new rural hubs for the launch of an "intelligent and connected territory" programme for municipalities and associations of municipalities. 

  5. Identifying and adapting the good practices of project partners in our territory


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