The ENAIBLER project, lead partner is our long-standing partner ERNACT, will focus on equipping the public sector to lead the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver improved digitization policies and services. 

It is financed by the Interreg Europe programme, which aims to strengthen cooperation between European territories in terms of research, technological development and innovation.

Mis à jour le 24/05/2023

ENAIBLER partnership


To better understand how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used in an efficient, safe and transparent way in the development of improved public policies and services.

The ENAIBLER project is :


  1. Involving local authorities in the development and application of AI at the heart of their services in an ethical, fair and secure way
  2. Developing digital support policies for territories at national and European level by appropriating AI technology
  3. Foster the adoption of AI by being both a consumer and a promoter of services for the benefit of all sectors.