Smart territories

Nièvre Numérique is committed to the rural development strategy encompassed by "smart territories". This strategy is the foundation of all our actions and contributes directly to the triple objective of achieving digital, ecological and societal transition. 

Mis à jour le 25/01/2022

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To promote the ecological, societal and digital transformation in villages and rural areas

The Smart territories project consists of the following actions:

  1. Promoting the development of very high speed broadband in order to provide a quality internet and mobile connection for every home and business
  2. Developing telecommunications infrastructures to allow access to training and employment for all (digital mediation, teleworking, tele-training, etc.)
  3. Favouring digital inclusion through actively involving local people in the design local projects and facilitating the networking of communities and their residents
  4. Encouraging new digital solutions to create a territory where there is equality and equity in terms of access to public services (tele-appointments, etc.)
  5. Favouring clean and sustainable energy and buildings to create ecological living places and spaces


Zoom on Lormes, a French smart village