Wifi Nièvre

Wifi Nièvre is a new free and secure public wifi service available in the Nièvre!

Mis à jour le 27/04/2022


wifi Nièvre comes from the merger of 2 projects: "WIFI4EU", an initiative of the European Commission, and "Places de villages connectées", a programme set up by Nièvre Numérique in partnership with Nièvre Attractive, financed by the Regional Council of Burgundy - Franche-Comté and the ERDF.

The two projects aim to equip public sites with wifi.

Thanks to a free and secure wireless Internet connection, wifi Nièvre allows everyone to benefit from high-speed access in all the places indicated on our map. In this way that service makes a real contribution to the digital development of the region.

Starting with eleven access points, the Nièvre will eventually host more than forty.

How to connect?

To connect to a wifi Nièvre access point, you just need to go to the wifi settings on your phone and then fill in some information when you first connect, following this you will then automatically be connected to any wifi Nièvre hotspot!

wifi map

Do you need more information? Nièvre Numérique can help you to set up this project, just send an email to contact@nievrenumerique.fr


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