Short supply chains 4.0

 from the CARPE DIGEM project

Mis à jour le 02/02/2022

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To build, together with key stakeholders of the Nièvre, a countywide logistics network for local food based on solidarity, efficiency and fairness, using 4.0 digital tools and including AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The Short supply chains 4.0 project consists of the following actions:

  1. Strengthening cooperation and synergies between local food stakeholders in the Nièvre
  2. Undertaking  a diagnosis of the current local food system and an inventory of the use of digital 4.0 tools
  3. Encouraging and supporting the mutualisation of transport, wider logistics, economic and ecological challenges. Optimising and therefore reducing transport on the roads and its environmental footprint through sharing vehicles and distribution networks and developing a countywide logistics network (to be built over the medium term
  4. Building short and fair supply trains (in particular for disadvantaged people, food insecurity and for sustainable/responsible food actors) by using digital tools and AI.
  5. Integrating the project with national (such as Data Food Consortium) and European (CARPE DIGEM partner) initiatives was paying particular attention to the stakeholders and and characteristics of the local food economy in the Nièvre.
  6. Designing the roadmap for a fully functioning future short supply chain 4.0 network